Stress!!! This word usually scares us and takes away our inside balance. More and more people complain about having a stressful life. Excessive stress can cause anxiety as an illness which is considered a psychological disorder and it cannot be treated easily.

The Physiological Society states that men and women handle stress differently. Yet the thing in common is great amount of stress for either men or women can cause health problems, which is something that is damaging and needs to be avoided.

There are tons of situations that can cause stress these days, like troubles at work, getting bad grades at school or college, breaking up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, a divorce, losing a smartphone, being ill, planning a wedding… The list can go on and on. The point is that stress is distracting us from living a happy life. That is why we need to learn how to deal with it and even control it.

When you think of situations that can usually be stressful for people in general in our modern world, which ones can you name? Well, it’s obvious, the most widespread stressful situations would be taking exams in college and going to the job interview.

Let’s talk about the ways how we can control stress during any examinations and any job interviews we are about to face! Stress-free tips can be divided into two categories: before-the-important-event ones and during-the-important-event ones.

stress Before exams

5 tips to manage stress Before exams and interviews

Quite often we start worrying about our upcoming exam or interview way before it starts. Here are a few things you can try to reduce stress:

1. Get Prepared

Before an actual exam or a job interview in order to feel more confident, it is important to get prepared. When we are prepared we are less stressed because we can assume what we can expect. It can be the specific subject in college, and in this case, we can just study the necessary material. Using a personal studying planner can be helpful. Or it can also be a list of potential questions asked at job interviews and YouTube videos about job interview situations and answers interviewers like to hear.

2. Listen to Classical Music

It is a well-known fact that classical music is very helpful when it comes to development and studying. When we listen to classical music while studying our brain works a lot more productively. In our stress-revealing situation, we can listen to classical music as well. This will help our brain relax, get distracted and filled with positive vibes.

3. Eat Healthy Food

What we eat actually controls our body and mind, too. For example, eating fast food from McDonald’s will make us feel down, crabby, and it will give us the heavy feeling in our stomach if we eat there right before or even a day before our exam or interview. Eating healthy food, on the other hand, will make us feel good, full of energy, which is a ticket to the positive mood and no stress around us.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is the key to a healthy life. Talking about exams and interviews we are going to, getting a good night sleep is a must. When we feel fresh and full of energy it gets us going for the day and drives stress away. Not sleeping enough before the important day, however, will only make us tired, sad, and of course stressed out big time. So, think about it and concentrate on sleeping!

5. Do Yoga

Yoga is a mainstream at present. People do yoga everywhere any time. Some people even go to India to do yoga in the most natural environment. Why is everyone so obsessed with yoga? The answer is simple! Our world is full of stress and yoga helps reduce stress effectively. That is why it is a great advice for you to go to a yoga class or just do yoga at home, whichever is more convenient for you. After an hour of practice, doing breathing exercises and techniques, you will feel relaxed and full of wisdom, calmness, and positive energy. This state of your body and mind will make your interview and exam pleasant, not stressful at all.
stress During exams

5 tips to manage stress During exams and interviews

Dealing with stress before an exam or a job interview is one thing. Getting into your emotional stress trap during the important event is absolutely another thing. In such situation we need other tips to control high-level of stress.

1. Use Some Objects

When you are nervously sitting in the classroom or in the room with your job interviewer in front of you, it is truly hard to concentrate on something besides your stress. But there is an interesting way for you. Take some object with you, it can be a pen or a watch or any other object. And every time you feel stress is coming up, just concentrate your attention on this object by moving it, for instance. This way you will reduce your stress by switching your mind to your secret object.

2. Imagine Funny Situations

This method is usually used when we need to speak in public. To calm your nerves it is advised to imagine that your audience, and in our case, an examiner or an interviewer, are dressed in some funny costumes, as an example – a clown costume. You can imagine that and these people won’t look so serious and dangerous. Your stress will go away after this.

3. Make a Joke

Humor is a great way to break the ice between people. So, if you are sitting at a job interview, think of a joke as a way to break that ice between you and your interviewer. This will help lighten the mood and drive the stress out. The same goes to examination situation.

4. Drink Water

Drinking water helps keep your body balance. On your way to the exam take a bottle of water to drink in the classroom. It will give you time to do small breaks and re-concentrate your attention to what your body needs, not on stress that controls you. At the job interview don’t be shy to ask for a glass of water. It’s a normal practice that will play you a great deal, when taking small breaks to drink water and consider what to answer next.

5. Pretend You Are on The Other Side

Come to the interview or exam and pretend you are the boss there. Switch roles in your mind. Imagine you get to choose what to ask and answer, and what decision to make. The more you convince yourself in this role-changing game, the more stress relief is guaranteed.