It’s no secret that being in university or college means having to balance a full course load and the homework that goes with it. And of course, you’ll also want to have a social life and perhaps play sports or join a club as well. If you don’t manage your time well, you could find yourself without enough hours to get it all done. For that reason, it’s important to implement some lifestyle changes that will allow you to finish the work, so you can have some fun too.

Group Your Courses

Instead of scattering your lectures throughout the day, try to group them all together in one chunk of time. This saves you time from wandering back to the halls of residence. You might think that some time between classes will give you a chance to study, but chances are you’ll waste that time on social media, chatting with friends or something else. When your lectures are all together, you have more time later in the day to study or go enjoy some free time.

Go to Class

It might sound strange, but actually showing up to lectures is time efficient. Yes, you’ll be stuck in a lecture when you have loads of other things to get done, but you will save a lot of time having to chase down the professor or a classmate to get the assignments or notes from the class you missed.

students in a lecture

Prioritize Your Work

Having a lot of assignments and tests to prepare for can feel overwhelming. That’s why you’ve got to have a written plan for getting it all done. Prioritize things that are due soon and put those that you have more time for lower on the list. Try to block out a certain amount of time for each thing on your list so that you don’t run out of time to get it all done.

Study Alone

It can be very tempting to sit down with friends to get your work done, but you won’t be as efficient because you’ll be socializing at the same time. Find a quiet corner of the library or your solitary dorm room when you need to buckle down and get the coursework done. Without distractions, you can focus and stay on task until you’re done.

Be Flexible

Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way you want it to. Staying flexible means that you have a plan for when the unexpected happens, so you can stay on track and not get behind with your work. This also allows you the chance to take a short break if it comes up and spend some time relaxing or hanging out with friends. Knowing what you’ll do later to finish means more time for the things you enjoy.

organised desk

Stay Organized

If you have supplies and materials scattered everywhere, you’ll just be wasting time looking for what you need before you can even get started. Keep a day planner where you can keep track of assignments, then organize a binder or notebooks for each class so that you can keep notes and papers all in one easy place. Stock your backpack and study space with paper, pens, pencils and anything else you’ll need so you don’t have to hunt down what you need all the time.

Make a Schedule

In addition to writing down all your assignments, aim to record your entire schedule. Pencil in class time, study time, free time and any appointments or practice times you might have. This is a really easy way for you to plan your day so that there’s time for everything you need to get done and the things you want to do.

Create a Routine

As much as you can, try to stick to a routine. That way your day is planned out before you get started and you’ll know what to expect at what times. That means setting a time to study that is the same each day. Eat your meals in the same general time frame each day and try to have your free time at the same time too. This way you take some of the work out of making time for everything.

Ask for Help

University is a time of self-discovery and learning and there’s no shame in seeking help from outside sources. Talk to professors, a guidance counsellor or classmates to find new tips and tricks for staying organized and managing your time. Most people are happy to help, and you might find just what you’ve been looking for by asking around. The same things don’t work for every student so there’s a bit of trial and error involved in deciding which time management tools are the ones you’ll use.

Stay Healthy

Taking care of your body and health means you’ll never feel too tired or sick to get to class on time and put in your best effort with all your work. That means eating healthy and making time to get some exercise each day. These things might seem like they don’t have a place in your busy schedule, but you’ll be surprised at how much easier everything is when you feel good and have the energy you need.

To succeed in college, you must get your coursework done, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to never having fun. By employing some or all these tips, you should find that you are better at getting things done so you can spend time enjoying campus life too.

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