Coming up with quality criminology dissertation ideas can get pretty complex, because it requires detailed and sometimes lengthy research. Professional writers from our dissertation writing service prepared everything you need to know about criminology dissertation writing, including specific criminology dissertation ideas.

You will find plenty of topics with which you will be able to ace your criminology class and impress your professors. But, before we go through our list, let’s take a closer look at what makes criminology dissertations so interesting, as well as how to approach them, regardless of which topic you are given.

How to Come Up with a Criminology Dissertation Topic?

Coming up with useful criminology dissertation ideas is more difficult than in some of the other disciplines. How so? Well, the subject matter is more sensitive, and while you might be able to get away with some speculation in a dissertation in other disciplines, there is zero room for that here. However, there are some methods that can make the entire process easier, and they include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Mapping out your ideas
  • Letting the arguments you have create your topic
  • Free writing
  • Check relevant sources for additional ideas

Don’t be afraid to put down just about on paper, especially if you are relying on free writing or brainstorming. Perhaps that silly thing that popped inside your head might lead you toward more useful criminology dissertation ideas and topics.

What Makes a Criminology Dissertation Interesting?

The best criminology dissertations are interesting because they cover an exciting topic in a way that hasn’t been done before. Also, criminology is extremely fascinating, because it covers complex subject matter, such as crime, from different angles. Not only does require you to include science, but also psychology and sociology in order to get inside the criminal mind. Exploring the motives and reasons behind certain crimes is always interesting, which is why so many effective criminology dissertation ideas revolve around it.

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Best Topic Ideas from Criminology Dissertation

We have set out to create a list of criminology dissertation ideas that are both practical and diverse. This means you will be able to find a topic for yourself, regardless of what sort of crime you are exploring. Also, you will find ideas for subject matter which has already occurred in real life. We have also kept in mind that you need to do research for these topics, which is why we have limited ourselves to those for which you can find plenty of information online or in your local campus library. Here is our list of best criminology dissertation topics:

Criminology Dissertation Ideas on Serial Killers

  1. Which people are most likely to become serial killers?
  2. How do serial killers become serial killers?
  3. Differences between serial killers and mass murderers
  4. Comparison between real-life serial killers and their portrayal in Hollywood films
  5. What drives women to become serial killers?
  6. Exploring the possibility of rehabilitating serial killers
  7. Differences between male and female serial killers
  8. Should serial killers be let back into society after serving out their sentences?
  9. List countries that have the highest numbers of serial killers and explore the reasons behind those numbers
  10. Can a person’s social status lead them to become a serial killer?
  11. What are the main motives of serial killers?
  12. Has modern technology made it easier or harder for serial killers to remain at large?
  13. What are specific trademarks of female serial killers?
  14. Which factors contribute to the chances that a person will become a serial killer?
  15. How common are serial killers outside of the US?

Feminist Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. Treatment of Women in the criminal justice system
  2. Exclusion of women in the dominant crime theories
  3. Gender diversity in the study of crime
  4. Feminist theories in criminology
  5. Women as victims of violent crimes
  6. Percentage of women working in the criminal justice system
  7. Feminist approaches to criminal research
  8. What is feminist criminology?
  9. Why is feminist criminology important?
  10. Gender inequality in the law and criminal justice system

Criminology Dissertation Ideas on Domestic Violence

  1. Investigating the effects of domestic violence on young children
  2. What are the key triggers for domestic violence?
  3. The effectiveness of psychiatric treatment in overcoming trauma caused by domestic violence
  4. Domestic violence: racial and ethnic factors
  5. Comparison of different types of domestic violence
  6. Male domestic violence in first-world countries
  7. Female empowerment and its effect on domestic violence
  8. Correlation between domestic violence and probability of suicide
  9. What role does the media play in domestic violence
  10. Who are the victims of domestic violence?
  11. Domestic violence and the law
  12. Forms of intimate partner violence
  13. Popular culture and domestic violence
  14. Domestic violence against people with disabilities
  15. Gay and bisexual domestic violence

Youth Crime Dissertation Ideas

  1. Juvenile delinquents and their family environment
  2. How do violent movies, music, and video games influence youth crimes?
  3. Are children of single parents more or less likely to become juvenile delinquents?
  4. What are the earliest indicators of future delinquent behavior?
  5. Do male juvenile delinquents receive longer sentences than female delinquents for committing the same crime?
  6. What role do alcohol and drugs play in young people committing crimes?
  7. What’s the outcome when it comes to the rehabilitation of young offenders?
  8. Are corrections facilities the best to rehabilitate underage delinquents?
  9. Are foster children more likely to end up committing a crime?
  10. What are the most common crimes committed by juvenile delinquents?
  11. Does a family history of crime make children more like to commit a crime in the future?
  12. How does juvenile delinquency affect young people’s chance of employment and having a career?
  13. What is the main motive behind youth crimes?
  14. How to minimize violent and sexual crimes among the youth
  15. Should juvenile delinquents be tried as adults if they have committed a violent crime?

Cybercrime Dissertation Topics

  1. Discussing the impact of cybercrimes on the finance and banking industry
  2. Should online identity theft be treated as a crime?
  3. The most common cybercrimes in the United States
  4. Exploring the history of hacking
  5. The most vicious cyber attacks in history
  6. What effects does hacking have on countries?
  7. Challenges of cybersecurity and the prevention of cybercrimes at universities
  8. Are cyber attacks considered terrorism?
  9. Explaining all the phases of a DDoS attack
  10. What are the most effective ways to protect children from cyberbullying?
  11. What is ransomware and how do ransomware attacks happen?
  12. Evolution and history of online scams
  13. What are the best ways to prevent cybercrimes?
  14. What are the main motives for cybercrimes and hacking?
  15. What are the financial effects of cybercrime?

Criminology Dissertation Ideas about Drugs

  1. Differences between the effects of alcohol and marijuana on human behavior
  2. Should the media promotion of drugs be banned?
  3. In what way does cannabis improve or impair the cognitive abilities of those consuming it?
  4. Should marijuana be legalized and under which conditions?
  5. Correlation between drugs, poverty, and crime in low-income households
  6. How effective are the methods used by physicians and psychiatrists in drug rehabilitation facilities?
  7. How does parental drug use affect the child’s tendency to use drugs?
  8. Are there any positive effects of smoking cannabis?
  9. Establishing the connection between substance abuse and violent crimes
  10. What role does drug abuse play in domestic violence?
  11. Comparing the effects of the most common drugs on human behavior
  12. What are the most abused drugs in the United States?
  13. Should schools introduce random drug testing in order to fight drug abuse among students?
  14. Exploring the harmful effects drug abuse has on society in general
  15. Does drug abuse increase the number of sexual assaults?

Dissertation Ideas on Mental Health and Crime

  1. What role does childhood trauma play in a person’s likelihood to commit a crime?
  2. Establishing the connection between mental illness and crime
  3. Which mental disorders are most likely to drive a person to commit a violent crime?
  4. How effective is mental therapy for criminals which have committed murder?
  5. Is it possible to fake a mental illness in order to escape punishment?
  6. Correlation between mental disorders and aggressive behavior
  7. What are the most common mental illnesses among sexual offenders?
  8. What sort of mental disorder do victims of sexual assault usually suffer from?
  9. The most efficient ways of promoting mental health in a society
  10. Which traumas can lead a person to commit a violent crime?
  11. How does media content exacerbate a person’s mental disorder?
  12. What are the common mental disorders among the youth?
  13. Can community-based centers be effective in providing treatment for those suffering from mental illnesses?
  14. How can members of the police force be trainers to recognize mental illnesses?
  15. Can depression and anxiety drive a person to commit murder?

Criminology Dissertation Ideas on Prisons

  1. Should the prisoners be allowed to vote and under which conditions?
  2. To which extent is it possible to rehabilitate prisoners which have committed violent crimes?
  3. Should murderers be introduced back into society after they have served the entirety of their sentence?
  4. Correlation between crime rates and the length of prison sentences for those crimes
  5. Which crimes are the most common inside prisons?
  6. Should sexual offenders be separated from other prisoners?
  7. What are the most common causes of unrest in prisons?
  8. The most effective methods for preventing suicide in prisons
  9. Why is it difficult for developing countries to reduce violence among prisoners?
  10. What are the most common crimes prisoners get convicted of?
  11. What is the longest prison sentence ever given to a murderer?
  12. What percentage of sexual offenders end up in prison for the same crime?
  13. How many criminals escape from US prisons every year?
  14. Should prisoners which have committed murder receive benefits for their forced labor?
  15. The most effective rehabilitation methods in prison


Coming up with useful criminology dissertation ideas can be a challenge, especially if you are looking to cover something that hasn’t been done before. Hopefully, our list of dissertation topics will provide you with enough quantity and quality, so that you are never short on ideas. We hope you will find it helpful and use some of the subjects listed in this article.


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