Studying is arguably one of the most important things you’ll need to do to succeed in university or college. However, getting it done is only part of the equation. How you study also makes a big impact into how effective and helpful it turns out to be. Planning your study, both in terms of when you’ll do it and how you’ll do it, is an easy way to make sure you’re getting the most out of every one of your study sessions. Here’s the best way to plan it out.

Figure Out Your Learning Style

Do you learn better when you can see the information or when you can hear it? Maybe you do best when both are in play. Perhaps you learn best when you get a chance to talk about what you’re learning, either out loud to yourself or with others. Maybe you’re more logical and methodical or you learn best in a hands-on environment. Figuring out how you learn the best is the first step in planning your study sessions. That way you can tailor how you study to the way that ensures the most success. That might mean colour coding your notes or recording lectures, so you can listen to them again later. It might mean making flash cards, so you have something to hold onto while you study, or it might mean repeating important information with a study partner. Whatever it happens to be, you’ll study best when you’re doing it in your own personal style.

Be Realistic

No is going to get anything out of a study session that is planned out for five hours. Instead of setting this huge over reaching goal, consider making smaller goals that are easier to get to. Maybe you plan to study for 30 minutes at a time, with a break in between. That chance to recharge your brain gives you a chance to solidify the information you studied and makes the entire session less stressful. You also need to be realistic in terms of how much you can actually get done. Don’t plan for a long study session, writing a paper and finishing an online quiz. Create a study schedule that is realistic, and you’ll achieve more success.

Make a Study Routine

Having a set routine when you study is incredibly helpful in ensuring that you actually get it done. Choose a time to study when you are awake and alert and can devote the time without a lot of distractions and interruptions. Perhaps you get the most done immediately after your last class of the day. Or maybe you have more success when you study first thing in the morning. Or maybe you need a break after classes and are more focused after dinner when you’ve had a chance to relax and eat a meal. Whatever works for you is the routine to implement. Getting into the habit of studying at the same time each day makes it easier to stick to it and keeps you from letting time get away from you.[insert picture of a timetable or plan]

Schedule It

Once you know when you study best, be sure to schedule it into your day. Write it down in your day planner or input it into your planner app. That way it’s a given that you’ll be studying between 1pm and 3pm or at 7pm, whatever time you’ve decided on. Seeing it there on your daily calendar makes it easier to stick with it and keeps you from forgetting to letting it go because something else came along.

Have a Study Structure

This keeps you from burnout. Studying for too long at a stretch also reduces the amount of information you actually retain. Most experts suggest studying for 25 minutes, then taking a short break before coming back to it. Some students report success by getting the hardest tasks out of the way first, while others prefer to knock out all the little things first. A bit of trial and error will help you decide which method works best for you. During your study breaks, take a short walk, call a friend or engage in a hobby. This refreshes your brain and body so you’re ready to get back to it when the break is over.

Study in the Right Place

One of the keys to study success is where you get the job done. Most students do best when they are in a quiet place without the risk of distractions or interruptions. That means the library is likely a much better choice than the crowded dining hall. If you have noisy roommates, you might find that a nearby coffee shop is more conducive to studying than your dorm room. You might need to try a variety of locations before you find the sweet spot for your study needs. Once you find the right place, use it as often as you can.

college library

You can’t get away from studying when you’re in university, but as you are going to have to do it, you might as well do it right and achieve success with your efforts. With time, you’ll figure out what works best for you, but the trick is to stick to a routine as much as you can so that studying becomes a force of habit rather than something you’re always trying to find time for. This choice should have you getting top scores on all of your assignments.

There will be times when no matter how well you plan you hit a problem. Deadlines might clash, or you come up against a topic that flummoxes you and by spending a lot of time on that one assignment will seriously eat into the study time you have available. It is not unreasonable to ease the pressure by using a writing service at such a time. Place an order with us for your most difficult assignment and concentrate on producing the others.