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Our Terms and Conditions


1. Vocabulary

1. 1. ‘Agreement’ pertains to the Terms and Conditions stated here.

1. 2. ‘Organisation’ pertains to the body providing Clients with independent research and writing services under terms as defined here in this Agreement.

1. 3. ‘Writer’ pertains to the individual who provides research and writing services to the Organisation on a freelance basis and fulfils the Order for the Client.

1. 4. ‘Client’ pertains to the individual who pays for an Order from the Organisation, the purpose of which is to obtain a Product created according to their needs; all Orders are accepted and created according to the terms and conditions as defined here in this Agreement.

1. 5. ‘Order’ pertains to a request made by the Client to the Organisation for a Product and/or service created according to their needs and delivered in electronic format.

1. 6. ‘Order Status’ advises the Client of the current progress of the Order.

1. 7. ‘Product’ is the electronic document that results from the completion of the Order.

1. 8. ‘Product Revision’ refers to an edited version of the Product when the Client has requested that a revision be made.

1. 9. ‘Support Team or Support’ is that part of the Organisation dedicated to Client queries and assisting in the process of delivering the Order.

1. 10. ‘Quality Assurance Department’ is that part of the Organisation dedicated to maintaining standards and assessing the quality of both service and Product.

1. 11. ‘Messaging System’ is a feature of the site that allows the Client and Support/Writer to communicate.

1. 12. ‘Verification Process’ is a process for the purposes of fraud prevention that confirms the Client billing identity.

1. 13. ‘Store Credit’ is a positive money balance in the Client's account on the Organisation's site.

2. Privacy Policy

2. 1. The Client's privacy will be protected at all times, and the Organisation never shares or sells the Client’s personal information, for example their credit card details, with a third party. All transactions made on the Organisation's site will make use of the safe and secure payment gateway provided by This protects the Client from a breach of their credit card data. This does not include any disclosures of credit card data that may occur for which the Organisation is not responsible.

2. 2. For the purposes of Verification, the Client is required to enter details such as their home address, telephone numbers, and email address on pages such as the order form. Any information that is not required for any other purpose will be deleted immediately after completion of the Verification process.

2. 3. The Client may only contact the Writer via the site. It is forbidden for either party to exchange personal contact information or other identifying details. This is to protect the Client's personal information of the Client safe and confidential. There is also a Support Team to handle Client queries.

2. 4. The Client is requested to refrain from including any personal or billing information in their Order details. Once the Order has been paid for, the details of the Order are made accessible to the Writer. If the Client provides any such information with their Order, the Organisation cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise.

3. Nature of Product and Terms of Usage

3. 1. The services offered by the Organisation entails matching the Client's Order with a qualified writer or researcher, in order to provide research and writing services. The Client understands that no guarantees can be made as to the grades the Client will receive as a result. Any Product received by the Client is intended solely as a resource for the Client's own research and writing. The Organisation will not be responsible if the Client fails to derive any benefit from the Product or if the Client makes an inappropriate use of the Product and its contents.

3. 2. The Client is responsible for checking whether the services provided by the Organisation are permitted by the law of the state or country in which they reside. They must also familiarise themselves with the regulations of their university or place of study.

3. 3. The Client agrees that they alone are responsible for the decision to the services of the Organisation, and that the Organisation, its writers, and its employees cannot be held responsible for any breach of the law where the Client resides, or of the regulations at the Client's institution. If the Client provides incorrect information with their Order or fails to correctly state their country or state of residence, then the Organisation cannot be held responsible.

4. Order Process

4. 1. Placing an Order. The Client must provide a valid email address, as well as their mobile or home phone number. Failure to provide correct contact details means that the Client is in breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and may delay the fulfilment of the Order or render the Organisation unable to complete it. As a result, the Client may lose their right to claim under the implied guarantee or warranty of this Agreement.

4. 2. Payment. The Client is responsible for making payment in full, so that the Organisation may begin processing the Order. Work cannot commence until this Payment has been made. The Organisation bears no responsibility should a Client fail to make prompt payment.

4.3. Discounts. The Customer must take care to fill in the Order form correctly. Should the Customer fail to apply a discount code at the time of ordering, the Company retains the right to refuse a replacement. Discount codes may not be applied retrospectively once payment has been made for an Order. Only one discount or special offer may be used for each Order. It is not permitted to apply two or more to any Order.

4. 4. Instructions. The Client must provide clear instructions when they first place their Order. If they fail to do so, the Organisation may need to request additional instructions. These must be provided within the required time schedule, or the Organisation will be unable to execute any implied guarantee or warranty. Any deviation from these original instructions will be viewed as a new order or as editing, and charged accordingly. Any request for revision of the completed product will be based on the original instructions only. The Client is advised that once the Order is completed any revision request must only be based on the initial requirements and description of the original Order. Both original and additional instructions should be sent before a Writer is awarded the assignment of the Client’s Order. Should the Client fail to fulfil this obligation, they abandon any right to the implied guarantee or warranty.

4. 5. Sources. The Writer may use all sources at their disposal, including books, journals, online publications, interviews etc., unless the Client specifically requests the exclusion of certain sources or the use of others. The Client is expected to provide any instructions and name specific sources within this time schedule:

The first 8 hours if requesting an Order within 48 hours - 10 days.
The first 1 hour if requesting an Order within 12 hours - 24 hours.
The first 20 minutes if requesting an Order within 12 hours.
Failure to do so within this time schedule means that the Client violates the terms and conditions of this Agreement and therefore forfeits any right to claim under the implied guarantee or warranty.

4. 6. Matching of the Academic Level. The Client is responsible for selecting the correct academic level when placing their Order, and therefore bears full responsibility should they choose the wrong level. They should immediately advise the Support Team if they make such a mistake.

4. 7. Checking the Messaging System. The Client is advised to check the Messaging System frequently in case they have received any messages or updates from either the Writer or Support Team. They may also respond via the same system. Failure to respond to messages in a timely fashion or check for messages is the sole responsibility of the Client. Help with using the Messaging System may be requested from the Support Team.

4. 8. Incorrect Order Placement. If the Client provides incorrect or inconsistent details, the Organisation may decline to continue with the Order, or treat it as a new Order. Should this incur extra costs the Organisation will request approval from the Client before proceeding with the Order. A request by the Client to upgrade the Writer or similar changes may also incur additional costs.

4. 9. Tracking Order Progress. The Client is expected to check the Progress of the order via their personal account on the Organisation's website. Possible statuses are:

• Awaiting payment – the Organisation’s system has registered the Order and the Client must pay for it. Work will begin once payment has been processed.
• Research has started – Payment for the Order has been received and the Researchers are engaged in the process of preparing sources for the Writer.
• Work in progress – a Writer has been chosen, and is proceeding with the Order.
• Completed - The completed Product is now available in the Client’s personal account.
• Returned for revision – the Client has requested a revision of the Product and the Writer is working on the required changes.
• Hold – the Support Team has placed a hold on the Order and the Writer has suspended work. The Client will find further information on the Messaging System or may contact the Support Team for details.
• Cancelled – the Order has been cancelled and no further work will be carried out.

4. 10. A draft of the Order may be requested, although this cannot be guaranteed where the Order has been requested to be delivered within 3-48 hours.

4. 11. Preferred Writer. The Client has the option of choosing a named Writer for their Order. Under certain circumstances, including failure to adhere to delivery times or any unsuitability for the Order in question, the Organisation may decline this request. The Client will be given reasons for this refusal. Should the Client disregard these reasons and choose to proceed with their requested writer, the Client will bear sole responsibility for any failings of the Writer with regard to these reasons. Consequently, they will not automatically be entitled to a refund.

5. Delivery/Downloading Policy
5. 1. The Organisation will not be responsible for problems in delivering the Product that occur as a result of issues outside its control such as spam filters, incorrect email address, or internet access problems of the Client. Clients are advised to ensure that the Organisation's email addresses are marked as accepted by the Client's email account. The Support Team can be consulted at any time regarding delivery problems.

5. 2. If the Product has been delivered on time, the Client is responsible for checking their account and downloading it promptly. The Organisation bears no responsibility should the Client delay downloading the Product. No refund can be assured, since the Writer has carried out the work and requires payment.

6. Verification Process
6. 1. The Organisation takes every care to protect the Client's billing information and keep it secure from fraudulent activity. Owing to the nature of the business conducted by the Organisation, and the electronic delivery of the Product, delivery will not require a hand-written signature to demonstrate proof of delivery.

6.2. The Customer may be required to provide any or all of the following forms of identification:

• a photocopy of their passport
• a copy of their visa (international students)
• a photocopy of their credit card (the Customer may obscure all but the final 4 digits)
• a photocopy of official government-issued ID such as a driving license
• a copy of their bank statement (online banking or a paper statement)

Any ID requested by the Company is purely for the purposes of verification. It will be destroyed once the verification process has been completed and will never be shared with any third parties. The Company will not store any such information.

6. 3. The Client must respond promptly to any request by the Organisation for proof of identity. There is a time limit for such material to be provided:
The first 8 hours for orders to be completed from 48 hours to 10 days, in order to comply with any implied guarantee or warranty.
Within the first 1 hour for orders to be completed within 12-24 hours in order to comply with any implied guarantee or warranty.
Within the first 20 minutes for orders to be completed within 12 hours, in order to comply with any implied guarantee or warranty.

If the Client fails to deliver within the required time scale, they give up any claim to the implied guarantee or warranty, under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6. 4. Use of a stolen credit card or the use of a card without permission is prohibited by law; if we receive knowledge of any such illegal activities it will be passed on to law enforcement agencies and may be prosecuted.

7. Termination
7. 1. The Organisation retains the discretion to cancel any paid Order when the Client has failed to respond to communications or has given reason to suspect that they may be involved in fraudulent activities. No refund can be guaranteed in this situation; however, the Organisation may consider a case based on its individual merits.

8. Revision policy
8. 1. The Organisation offers a Free Revision policy as a guarantee of Client satisfaction. If the Client wishes to take advantage of this offer they must contact the Organisation within fourteen (14) days of the initial completion date that they requested for their Order or Product. If they have ordered a research proposal, dissertation chapters, or other large orders, they should make the request within thirty (30) days of the initial completion date. After these deadlines have passed, the Client may still request a revision, although they will have to make an additional payment.

8. 2. In the case of a Client making excessive requests for revisions, the Quality Assurance Department in the Organisation may elect to impose a limit on the revision requests by that Client. Reasons may include the Client returning the Product without justification, requesting substantial changes, or any other abuse of the revision offer.

8. 3. The Quality Assurance Department may refuse a revision request if the Client has changed their instructions substantially from the original ones. However, a request will be accepted if it satisfies reasonable expectations; in this case, the revision will incur no extra cost.

9. Guarantee of originality
9.1. The Customer is guaranteed to receive an original paper. The Company will never permit plagiarism to be carried out in any Order and checks each Order using highly advanced anti-plagiarism software.

9.2. Clients may request a plagiarism report for an extra fee. However, if the Customer chooses to request a free revision of their Paper, the Company is under no obligation to include a free plagiarism report for the revised Order.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee
10. 1. The Customer is guaranteed to receive their Product on time, and that their instructions will be followed by the Writer.

10. 2. However, the Organisation is unable to provide guarantees that editing, proofreading, or formatting services are free of plagiarism. Nor can it examine any material not provided by the Organisation for plagiarism. The onus is on the Client to ensure that any materials or sources they provide is free from plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the Organisation is unable to refund any payment.

10. 3. Cancellation of an Order is permitted providing the Order has not yet been completed.

10. 4. If a Client wishes to request a refund, they should make the request in writing via the Order Messaging System or in an email to the Support Team. Each case is considered individually and the Client may be given a complete or partial refund if the Product is delivered late or the Client is unhappy with the Product.

10. 5. The Client is obliged to present evidence if they request a refund on the grounds of dissatisfaction with the quality of the Product. Such requests will only be passed on to the Quality Assurance Department on the provision of sufficient evidence. The Quality Assurance Department may ask for additional evidence and refuse an investigation if the evidence is not forthcoming.

10. 6. The Organisation will consider that the Client is completely happy with the Product if they do not make a request for a refund within seventy-two (72) hours of the Order being completed. The onus is therefore on the Client to review the product promptly and check their account to see when it has been delivered. No refund will be issued outside this time frame.

10. 7. If the Client receives a complete refund, or the payment is returned or reversed after delivery of the Product, ownership of the Product reverts to the Organisation, who may then resell, distribute or share it as they see fit. The Client may not make any use of the Product.

10. 8. The Organisation is unable to offer any guarantees regarding grades or value of the Product to the Client. The Client is also not permitted to submit the Product as if it were purely their own work. The Organisation will be unable to provide a refund if the Client's grades are unsatisfactory. Refer to section 2. 1. for further details.

10. 9. Store Credits must be used within 365 calendar days of the day they are first accrued. Unused credits are deleted and have no monetary value. The Client may not request a refund for unused credits.

10. 10. When they place an Order, the Client agrees to receive Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts on their mobile phones. These may be used to apprise the Client of special offers and new services from the Organisation. The Organisation may make changes at any point to any SMS Alerts without any warning to the Client. The Client is liable for the charges made by their mobile phone Organisation for any SMS alerts.

11. Promotional Materials
11. 1. When they place an Order, the Client agrees to receive email messages on any subject that the Organisation considers relevant and/or of interest to the Client, such as new services offered by the Organisation or special offers.

11. 2. The Client agrees to accept any electronic communication from the Organisation or a third party that has been permitted by the Organisation to communicate with the Client.

11. 3. The Client acknowledges that they may take no action against the Organisation in relation to emails or any other electronic communication from the Organisation or a permitted third party, regarding promotions or information.

12. Waiver of Breach
12. 1. If the Organisation chooses to waive its rights to act upon any breach of this Agreement made by the Client, it shall not be taken as an implicit acceptance of any other breach. Any remedy contained in this Agreement functions alongside all other remedies within the Agreement and under the law.

12. 2. If the Organisation waives its rights concerning any part of this Agreement, such a waiver refers only to that individual situation. It shall not be presumed that such a waiver may be applied to any other part of the Agreement.

13. Amendments
13. 1. The Client is obliged to review the Agreement occasionally, in case of any amendments having been made by the Organisation, and accepts any such changes that may have been made. The Organisation retains the right to alter any part of this Agreement, and any modified version of the Agreement will be available to the Client on this website.

14. Entire Agreement
14. 1. The Client acknowledges that any statement, promise, or inducement made by a representative of the Organisation that is incompatible with the conditions of this Agreement shall not be binding. No change may be made to this Agreement unless explicitly stated under this Agreement. This present Agreement replaces any prior such Agreements or communications that pass between the Client and the Organisation.

15. Severability
15. 1.The Client agrees that if a court deems any part of this Agreement to be invalid under the law, that such a decision will in no way affect any other part of the Agreement. The remainder of the Agreement stands, and the Client will possess the same rights and obligations as if the section deemed invalid did not form part of the Agreement.

16. Law Governing
16. 1. Both Client and Organisation agree that this Agreement is obliged to follow the law as it stands in the location of the Organisation's main place of business, regarding either understanding or enactment of the law, or in another location that the Organisation appoints.

17. Place of Suit
17. 1. Should any legal action be taken to enforce any part of this Agreement, it shall take place in the law courts in the same location of the Organisation's main place of business, or alternatively wherever the Organisation considers appropriate.