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Terms of Cookies

Our company employs a series of different methods for collecting information. These methods include the use of third-parties such as HotJar and Google Analytics. Such tools are used to collect, arrange, and analyze information. Our company and its associated website may also collect information

A cookie is a small file that may be stored on your computer in a folder that allows web browsers to access the file. The file that is stored on your computer may be accessed by web browsers so that information may be read from your computer by a website. Cookies allow companies such as ours to collect information, and also allows web browsers to perform conveniences tasks such as saving pages, servicing form information, and targeted marketing.

We use cookies to collect information and to improve the functionality of our website. Cookies help us understand how people use user website, which we may use to develop our website into one that is more useful, efficient and easier to use.

Many web browsers allow you to choose if you wish to accept cookies, and some will allow you to run on a private mode where cookies are automatically rejected. You may reject cookies on your computer if your web browser will allow it, and you may set your Internet settings so that cookies are automatically rejected. You also have the option of not using our website, which means that our cookies will not be installed on your computer.

Cookie management and/or removal

You may limit the effect of cookies through your web browser settings, and you may delete cookies via your web browser or on your computer manually. You are free to use a private viewing session if you are worried about cookies being installed on your computer, and some browsers allow you to set up a function that deletes cookies every time you click to close a web browser window.

Additional information on the subject or removing or managing cookies with different web browsers may be found via this link:

If you would like to obtain further information about managing cookies on a mobile device’s web browser, then you will need to examine the instructions published by the administrative team that manages your phone’s operating systems, or the instructions published by the manufacturer of your phone.

You are free to contact us if you have any questions about cookies. You may contact us by sending an email to this address: