If your professor is one who insists on submitting drafts of parts of your dissertation as you write it, then your professor is probably going to help you avoid a long spell of procrastination. If your professor has made the mistake of setting a deadline that is a few months away and is then leaving you to it, then you are in trouble. Many students do not survive long deadlines because their motivation is high, but the imperative and pressure doesn’t exist, so they wait, and they wait until they have very little time left to complete their dissertation to a high standard. Remember that writing a dissertation is not just about writing. Much of the time, you will be researching. It can take you all evening to write just two paragraphs because that is how long it took you to correctly research the point you were making.

Start Your Dissertation the Same Day You Receive It

People put off their dissertations for months, and they leave themselves two or three weeks to complete it, and they then realize it requires months of research and work. It is at these points that students panic, or they use a dissertation writing services. Take the initiative at a very early stage so that you do not have to rely on essay writing services.

You need to start your dissertation the same day you receive it. Before you take this message on board, ask yourself which is more annoying–Your dorm room as you see it in the mess it is now, or your dorm room but exactly 50% has been cleaned to perfection? For some reason, having something half-finished is more annoying that if something isn’t started at all.

The same day you receive your dissertation, you need to go somewhere quiet, you need to start writing notes for your research and you MUST write a rough draft of your introduction (even if you plan to change the introduction at a later date).

The moment you start, and you add words that will eventually form part of your final word count, you set a standard in your own mind. Your dissertation project goes from something you feel comfortable with, to something that is unfinished and annoying. You will feel less comfortable with the fact you have started your essay and it still needs finishing, and this will help you avoid much of the procrastination that comes with writing a dissertation.

Have A Dissertation Writer Do It for You

Let’s face it. If you have left your dissertation project for too long, then you are probably not going to be able to finish it and make a good job of it. Your professor is going to know you rushed it, and you are going to fail your dissertation and maybe even your course. Do not put yourself at risk in this manner, either get your act together from the start and work on your dissertation on a regular basis, or hand it over to our writers and let us complete your dissertation for you. Hand over the project as soon as possible so that you may pick a longer deadline and save the most money.

How Serious Are the Late-Submission Penalties?

This is a question for the pragmatists who are reading. Are you going to submit the piece as imperfect and fail, or are you going to submit a passable dissertation, but have to take a late-submission penalty? If you are not willing to use an essay writing service to complete your dissertation for you, then consider the pros and cons of turning your paper in late. Plus, just how much time are you able to buy yourself? For example, if you are lucky and the deadline is on Friday, then can you work on it over the weekend and send a message on Monday saying, “Oh My God, I forgot the deadline was Wednesday, I ended up going to my sister’s wedding, here is my dissertation, hope it is okay.” If you are lucky, your professor will ignore the fact that it was a bit late and will not charge you the dissertation penalty. Before you weigh up the should-I/shouldn’t-I submit it late, consider the point below.

Is Your Professor Going to Send It Back for Two Sets of Amendments?

Your professor has set a deadline, and as the deadline approaches you start to wonder if you should submit it late, take a lateness penalty, and use the extra time to add more to your dissertation. Before you do, find out if your professor is going to send your dissertation back for two amendments.

Many professors have a policy where you get to send in your first draft, then your second, and then your third submission is the final one. Is your professor going to give you amendments after the final hand-in date?

If your professor has set a deadline, and is then going to send back your dissertation for amendments, then you should fluff up whatever you have done and send it in. You should not submit it late and take a lateness penalty. Instead, let your professor read it, and then when it is sent back, you start working on your dissertation diligently until it is perfect.

Failure to plan is planning to fail

You see this sort of tip when you read articles on how to write a dissertation. In other words, you need to plan your dissertation-writing sessions. You need to plan how many hours you are going to spend on your dissertation each night, and you need to have a rough idea of how much you will have written within a few weeks and within a few months. Use this plan to figure out if you are behind schedule and to correctly gauge how hard your deadline is going to hit you. Putting it off and then blasting through it during the last week before the deadline is not good enough. If you do not have a plan that dictates how you are going to work through your dissertation bit-by-bit, then you are dooming yourself to having a very hard time.

Final Dissertation Deadline Tips

Here are a few extra tips for students who wish to hit their deadlines. Do not be afraid of deadlines, be afraid of your tendency to procrastinate.

Regular Dissertation Writing Sessions – Avoid dissertation writing problems such as forgetting what you wrote by doing a little bit on your dissertation every night. Have you ever read part of a book, left it for a while, and then gone back and had to re-read it to get the gist? Do not do this with your dissertation. Work on it daily, and you will not have to re-acquaint yourself with what you have written.

Work on Yourself as You Work on Your Dissertation – Ask yourself if your procrastination is a problem with your discipline, your willpower, or your goals. What is actually driving you? Ask yourself some reflective questions about why you didn’t work on your dissertation last night and what you can do to improve the situation.

Set Interval Triggers That Remind You to Work – Some students tell themselves that they cannot play on their PC games until they have done 2 hours of dissertation work. Others will not eat their evening meal unless they have done two hours of work. Try different trigger occasions that remind you that you need to work on your dissertation.

Time to bring in the professionals. If you are struggling to meet your deadline, then let us help you complete your dissertation on time. Our teams of writers are here to help whenever you feel that the pressure has become too much.