The best research paper topics are the ones you can cover easily because you know the concepts behind the research you are conducting, and they are the topics that have already been well covered and documented on the Internet so that you may research them more easily. When you enter the academic world and you leave college or University, then you may write research papers that are ground breaking and that make a difference to the world. But, for now, your research papers need to be high scoring rather than world changing. Once you have your qualification, then you may start changing the world.

Do as You Are Expected

If you are working in a scientific field, then you may be able to avoid the minefield that comes with picking a research topic. There are even subjects where picking a research paper topic holds no risk, such as if you are studying literature and you pick a Shakespearean research paper topics. Problems begin when you try to pick research topics while your professor has an agenda, and most have a very leftist agenda. For example, if you were conducting geography research and your research showed that climate change was a myth, do you honestly think your professor would accept your findings and give you a high grade? Of course, your professor wouldn’t, which is why we suggest that you dance to your professor’s tune. If your professor makes it obvious what he or she believes, then run with that idea because it is common sense. For example, if you were being taught by a Muslim teacher and the teacher wanted a paper on if Allah existed, do you think you would get better marks by saying yes or no?

If your professor wants to teach students that climate change is real, or that it is caused by carbon dioxide rather than the number of microwaves bouncing through the atmosphere, then you need to pander to your professor and write what he or she wants. You can peddle in things such as the truth when you are qualified. Smart students will avoid this minefield by picking topics that neither the political left or right have a stake in. This is especially true if you are getting research paper help UK because you want your paid writers to generate the least attention-grabbing paper they possibly can. You do not want a controversial paper that you end up having to defend in front of your class.

Pick Your Topics After Preliminary Research

There are lists of research paper do's and don’ts that you can look up at your leisure, but one for the biggest don’ts is, “Don’t pick your topic until you have done a little preliminary research.” If you Google a topic and a bunch of different answers leap out at you from numerous different sources, then you may have found a research topic that is easy to work on, which means it is easy to get a passing score when writing about it. If you Google a topic and there is little online content about it, or if you Google it and the same sorts of answers come from a number of very similar websites, then consider writing about something else. Be smart about your choices because a poor topic choice can turn a short research project into a mind-numbing nightmare.

Top 100 Research Paper Topics

  1. Are some people unemployable?
  2. How to interpretation of IQ test results
  3. How difficult is it for ex-prisoners to get a job?
  4. Should prisons punish or rehabilitate prisoners?
  5. How do men and women communicate differently using body language?
  6. What are the effects on children who are pushed into sports?
  7. Are there really intellectually gifted people?
  8. Are women with children happier?
  9. Why does police brutality no longer exist?
  10. Should USA college athletes be paid?
  11. Why are so many people so dumb?
  12. Can labelling people help push your agenda?
  13. Is the Pill good for women?
  14. What’s the best way to grow good jobs?
  15. Do people work too hard?
  16. Does working more hours reduce productivity?
  17. Evaluating challenges of preterm child development
  18. How much does a sports crowd influence a game?
  19. Does a healthy lifestyle cure disease?
  20. Are working mothers better mothers?
  21. What is female genital mutilation?
  22. Do males learn better in boys-only schools?
  23. What causes women to become serial killers?
  24. How are people fighting depression with happiness techniques?
  25. What kind of person dumb idiot becomes a suicide bomber?
  26. Has plastic surgery on seniors ever been successful?
  27. What are the best ways to steal money online?
  28. How is minimum wage ruining small and medium sized businesses?
  29. Do parents create emotional problems?
  30. How is online bullying a good thing?
  31. Are civil unions the best way forwards for homosexuals?
  32. Should there be a minimum weight limit for models?
  33. How psychoactive drugs are able to influence a person's central nervous system?
  34. What sorts of mechanisms create aggravating habits?
  35. How does memory work?
  36. Should we reform laws to make divorce easier?
  37. How has marriage evolved over the years?
  38. Should the government allow nationwide indoor weed smoking?
  39. What causes violence on University campuses?
  40. Is it illegal to cheat on a spouse?
  41. Why do some countries prosecute cheaters?
  42. How does bilingualism work?
  43. Should transsexuals participate in extreme sports?
  44. Should there be female priests and pastors?
  45. Why do newsgroups lie so much?
  46. What are eating behaviours in different countries and cultures?
  47. Why do people marry?
  48. Should children be rebuked for kissing same-sex individuals?
  49. Should parents censor literature for children?
  50. Are laws about where sex offenders live and be employed unfair?
  51. Are UK immigrants literate?
  52. How does your University improve retention rates?
  53. Should it be illegal to use animals for entertainment and sports?
  54. Why do government wiretap without permission?
  55. Why do students get into University debt?
  56. Dreams: are they signals from space?
  57. What happens to someone after prison?
  58. Discuss religious cults in ancient societies
  59. Should there be more violence in the lives of children?
  60. Should newspaper reporters be forced to reveal their sources?
  61. How is social anxiety different from shyness?
  62. Why are more churches burned by Muslims every year?
  63. What are the origins of phobias?
  64. Should you try Yoga on a roof
  65. What does cloning have in store for humanity?
  66. Are there realistic limitations on abortion?
  67. Does tough love really work?
  68. Should a person hire a sexy maid?
  69. How much noise is too much noise?
  70. What is the measurement of success in psychology?
  71. Is feminism a dangerous cult?
  72. Are mobile payments using cell phones going to replace credit cards?
  73. Should juvenile offenders be punished as adults?
  74. Should governments stop outsourcing to other countries?
  75. Should thin people have to pay the costs for the health problems of obese people?
  76. Can depression cause Celiac disease?
  77. Should we legalize human organ sales?
  78. Should businesses work harder to create customer loyalty?
  79. Is there one true religion?
  80. Who is responsible for PC bully?
  81. Should families of murder victims be given compensation?
  82. Is the fear of making a mistake a bad thing?
  83. What are the consequences of depression on child rearing?
  84. Why was the “Women earn only 75 cents for every $1 a man earns” lie created by men?
  85. How do older people protect their identity online?
  86. Can excessive use of social media contribute to addictive behaviour?
  87. Is wind energy cheaper than national grid power?
  88. Does news coverage favour black or Mexican news?
  89. Is mandatory minimum sentencing a good thing?
  90. Do three-strike rules prevent crime?
  91. Do businesses need a blog?
  92. How do we combat child violence?
  93. How motivation plays a role in normal human development
  94. Should denial of the Holocaust be allowed?
  95. Why is the climate change hoax still so popular?
  96. What should you do if your relative says he/she wants to commit suicide?
  97. How female behavioural patterns develop after children are born
  98. Should schools allow security to carry concealed weapons?
  99. Do we all suffer from a dependence on computers?
  100. What are the roots of anti-Semitism?
  101. What is the effect of birth control on the sexual psyche of a woman?

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Publish Date: Apr 12, 2018

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