Writing a dissertation is a very long project, which means it is vulnerable to various errors that would not normally present themselves during the regular course of a project process. The biggest cause of problems is the fact that the project is so big and therefore requires a lot of effort over an extended period of time. Such circumstances often lead to errors such as:

  • Repeating points that have already been made
  • Omitting points because the writer thinks they have been mentioned
  • Contradicting one point with another
  • Incorrectly assigning sources to certain points
  • Overuse of certain sources
  • Incorrect focus and weight
  • Poor flow and balance

These are not the only errors that dissertation writers face, but they are common errors because you have to keep visiting and revisiting your work. A dissertation is not something you can finish in a day or even in a week. This means that you will forget parts of your dissertation and have to keep reminding yourself of what you have written. If you are do not successfully remind yourself of what you have written, the mistakes/errors listed above will start to emerge.

You Need A Very Good And Changeable Plan

A good plan is needed because you need something to guide you through the entire process. You need to be able to come back to your plan again and again and have it guide you through the dissertation-writing process. You cannot rely on reading and re-reading your dissertation every time you sit down to work on it because it is too time consuming. With a good plan, you are able to sit at your desk and know exactly what must be completed next.

Your plan needs to be changeable because your project is going to evolve over time as you do more research and did deeper into your chosen topic. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to change your plan as time goes by to accommodate new developments.

Make A Time Budget

You need to be able to measure your progress and react accordingly. If you set a time budget, you will be able to see how far your project has come and how much work is still left. It will dramatically lower the chances of you getting so far behind that you cannot finish your dissertation. A good time budget requires little more than a plan and an estimate on how long each section of your plan will take. You may even judge your time budget according to how many words you write per study session.

How To Avoid Incorrect Focus And Weight

Incorrect focus is when you concentrate too hard on one of the facets of your dissertation. Concentrating too hard may involve doing more research on one facet than you do on the other facets of the topic. Concentrating too hard may also mean that one facet of your dissertation topic takes up far more time than the other facets.

One of the most common byproducts of incorrect focus is poor dissertation weight. This is where you concentrate on one facet of your topic too much and then end up writing too many words for that facet. Since most dissertations have a word count limit, it means that one facet takes up a larger percentage of your dissertation than the other facet. For example, this article is 800 words long, and this section takes up 176 words. That means this section takes up 22% of the article. Since the other sections take up around 17% of the article, you can see that this section is slightly too weighty at 22%.

Re-Read And Summarize

Just because you have finished your dissertation, it doesn’t mean you are ready to hand it in. You now need to check and re-check your work. However, since your dissertation is so long, you may have trouble checking it. That is why you should check your work one page at a time. Once you finish checking each page, you should write a one/two sentence summary of the page. When you have finished reading the entire paper, you should have quite a few summary sentences. These sentences will help you check to see if your dissertation stays on point and if it is communicating suitable points.

Conclusion – How To Get A Head Start

You get a head start by starting your dissertation on the very same day that you receive it. Your dissertation is going to come to 12,000 or more words, and that sort of project is likely to cause procrastination. For some reason, if you start a project, you have a harder time procrastinating. If you have not started a project yet, you will be more comfortable leaving it a few more days, and those days will cost you when you are closer to your deadline. Think about it like this, which is more annoying, a dirty plate on the side, or a half clean plate?