Writing an essay is often more difficult if you do not already have a full grasp and understanding of the base material. If you are lucky, then your professor has set your current essay to test your knowledge. If that is the case, then look over your old class notes and your textbooks to get a good idea of what your professor wants from your essay. If your professor set the essay because he or she ran out of time in class and wants to you study a new topic on your own, then you may be in trouble and need help writing your essay. If that is the case, here are some tips to help you write the best possible essay you can.

Set A Plan And Stick To It

Your plan doesn’t have to be fancy. It simply needs to explain what you are planning to do and when you are planning to do it. If you are not sure how your essay is going to turn out, then you may make a broad and open plan such as detailing how much time you will spend researching and how much you will write per study session. If you already have a good idea of how your essay will turn out, then you may fill your plan with ideas, questions and reference points you wish to research later. Here are a few tips to help you write your plan:

  • Consider how long each element will take
  • Add your class notes to your plan
  • Throw in a few of your ideas
  • Add in the points you think will score highly
  • Write down short notes on where your research should go
  • Plan your time and how many words you wish to write per study session
  • Add contingency time for the unexpected
  • Decide which nights of the week you will spend on your essay

Try To Write About Topics You Are Interested In

If you are writing about something that is very dull or very boring, then you will have a hard time writing it. You will also procrastinate more. There is also a chance you will subconsciously avoid work, and some students have been known to psychosomatically make themselves ill in order to avoid a dull project.

Write A Conclusion Note At The End Of Each Paragraph

If you have trouble writing your conclusion, then go through your entire essay and write a single line in red at the end of each paragraph. This line in a red font should conclude on each paragraph. It should half summarize the paragraph and half explain its point. At the very end, you should collect up all of these red sentences from your essay and use them to make up your conclusion.

Don’t Try To Edit Your Work As You Go

The people who try to correct their spelling and grammar as they go are the people who burn through too much time when they write. Don’t forget that you are only human and there is only so long you can punish yourself in front of your computer. The less time you spend on your project, the less likely you are to burn out. That is why you should optimize your time by editing at the very end and not as you go. While you are working on your essay, your only priority is researching and getting your points down on the page.

Follow The Style And Essay Type As Per Your Professor’s Desire

They are going to have you write an essay to a certain style. The style depends on your university, on your qualification, and on what your professor wants from you. The type of essay you write is probably going to be dictated to you. It is always best to look up what your college or university wants from when you when it comes to essay type. Many colleges or universities will have resources online that explain exactly how to write each type of essay and how each should be styled.

Seek Help From Outside If You May Miss Your Deadline

If you are struggling with your essay, then that is not a problem because you can keep trying until you succeed (like Donald Trump did). However, if your deadline is approaching, then it may be time to seek the help of an essay writing service. There is no excuse for missing your deadline, and if you approach your professor when you are near the deadline, then he or she is unlikely to give you positive assistance. Do whatever it takes to make sure you do not miss your deadlines.

Conclusion – Is There A Way To Cheat And Win?

Some people cheat by finding suitable essays and rewriting them. The trick works the best if you are also able to pick your topic. If that is the case, then you can trawl the Internet looking for a good (but difficult to find) essay. Create a very similar topic for your own essay and then rewrite the essay. You may also write your own essay, but steal the sources that other writers have used. You may also seek the help of an essay writing service and have a seasoned professional write your essay. There are plenty of ways to cheat and win when it comes to essay writing.