How come some of the assignments you write are good and some are excellent? What is it that pushes your assignment from okay to fantastic? Much of the time, the biggest difference between what makes it good and what makes it great is just how much of yourself you invest into your work. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the number of hours you invest will make a difference. It is all about how much of your effort and enthusiasm you put into your work. That is why students tend to score better when they write about topics they enjoy and topics they are passionate about.

Get Notes From Your Professor

Getting notes from your professor is one of the best ways of guaranteeing that you get extra points that you may not have gotten otherwise. Professors often give out their notes on the same day that they set the assignment. If your professor doesn’t give some out, then come up with a bunch of questions and ask them after class to try to draw out your professor into giving you notes.

Keep Re-Reading The Question

Re-reading the question is vitally important. It helps to ensure your work is on point, and it actually makes your work far easier. For some reason, the more you read your question, the easier the project will appear in your mind.

It works like this, you firstly read the assignment question three times. You then start the research. After reading the first paragraph of your research, you re-read the assignment question again, you then re-read it every ten minutes–moving on to every thirty minutes. Reading the question again and again will help you link your research to the point of your assignment, and it allows your subconscious acclimatize to the project while simultaneously bringing up information about the project from the back of your mind where your conscious mind may not have been able to access it.

Get Help When You Need It

If you are in trouble, or if you are not working on your project when you should be, then do not leave it too late. You need to start getting help as soon as there is any problem. Start by contacting your friends to see if they can shed any light on your project. Then, you may like to try approaching your professor or teacher. If you are still in trouble, then have an essay writing service complete your assignment and go back to hitting the books until you can better grasp the information placed before you.

Hire A Professional Proofreader

After you have finished your assignment, you are going to have to proofread and edit your work. The fact is that many students have no idea how the rules of grammar and spelling work. Many students are completely unable to proofread their own work, and many take the suggestions of spelling and grammar checkers when what they had actually written was correct. Unless you are taking an advanced English course, you should consider allowing an independent company to check your assignment before you hand it in.

Things To Check Before You Hand It In

Most students will abandon their work once it is finished. This is because schools and colleges have made learning such a hardship that students abandon each task once it is complete. However, if you want a truly outstanding assignment, then run down this list and check off each one as you go.

    • Does it address the theme?
    • Have you repeated yourself in the essay?
    • Have you covered one element too much?
    • Are there sources for every single piece of information?
    • Does your work make sense?
    • Have you contradicted yourself at any point?
    • Are any elements rewritten verbatim from the source?
    • Are all your sources academically credible?

If you run down this list after each assignment, then you will dramatically improve your mark or grade whenever you write your essay. The point of the list is to help you identify areas where you may get it wrong without actually getting the content wrong. The list above is full of errors that you may make as a writer even if what you have written is accurate. For example, you may have made several true points, but you may lose marks for them because your sources are not academically credible.

Conclusion – Is There A Secret Answer?

There are very few secret answers in life. Even the marking guide that your professor is going to use is open to quite a bit of interpretation. It doesn’t hurt to make your professor like you because he or she may be more inclined to adjust your grades upwards rather than downwards whenever he or she is marking your work. Otherwise, your best policy is to get plenty of practice, to read articles such as this one, and to seek assignment help whenever you need it.