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How to Plan Your Studying

Studying is arguably one of the most important things you’ll need to do to succeed in university or college. However, getting it done is only part of the equation. How you study also makes a big impact into how effective and helpful it turns out to be. Planning your study, both in terms of when […]

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Grammar Tips for Your Writing

There’s no question that you’ll do a lot of writing in your college classrooms. Nearly all professors assign at least a basic essay over the course of the semester. Additionally, you may have essay questions on exams. Of course, you can fully expect that your grammar will count toward your final grade. Because there are […]

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How to Improve and Make A Stronger College Community

When you are old enough and mature enough to move on to college, the next big chapter in your young adult life, one of the biggest things that you will want to be looking for and trying to find is a strong sense of community in your new living and learning environment. Moving away from […]

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Linear Dissertation Plans – The Things You Need to Know

This article explains how writing a linear dissertation plan is silly because dissertations are rarely written in a linear step-by-step fashion. Some are presented as linear step-by-step dissertations, but they were not written that way and you certainly couldn’t have planned that type of dissertation trajectory. Some students and some academics think that a dissertation […]

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Dissertation Deadlines – Tips on Surviving Dissertation Deadlines

If your professor is one who insists on submitting drafts of parts of your dissertation as you write it, then your professor is probably going to help you avoid a long spell of procrastination. If your professor has made the mistake of setting a deadline that is a few months away and is then leaving […]

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